Founded in 2004 as part of the PIAGET group of schools, Singapore National Academy has in its very core quality education for both Indonesians and expatriates. SNA is a K-12 school catering to Early Years Learning from ages 2 to 5, Primary School from ages 6 to 12, and Secondary School from ages 12 to 18.

SNA is committed to “nurture our young into good sons and daughters, lifelong learners and active citizens, grounded in values”. Beyond academic excellence, we focus on holistic education, character building, community involvement, and fostering a sense of responsible global citizenship. In our school, each of your children is considered unique and we aim to nurture their potential through the different platforms, programs, and opportunities and equip them with life skills to navigate the challenges of the ever-changing world.

More than just an educational institution, SNA is a community, and your child’s second home. We firmly believe that a child’s education thrives when there is a strong partnership between school, home, and the community. We consider parents as our integral partners in their child’s educational journey, and we welcome their involvement and support. We engage highly qualified and dedicated expatriate teachers who are committed to guiding the students in discovering their interests and pursuing their passions and aspirations whilst enjoying their learning journey.

Having SNA as your child’s educational foundation, they will not only gain knowledge but also develop into well-rounded individuals, equipped with skills and values necessary to make a positive impact in the world.

Vision - V4
Mission - V4















for learning, enthusiastically pursuing interest and goals to achieve maximum potential

and respect for others and to be impactful on others



in mutual dealings and civic responsibility

as the goal, to remain steadfast undaunted in its pursuit



to accept changes and initiate changes that are contributory and impactful on others

to bring forth synergy towards goal accomplishment

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  • 1st Winner Basketball team in Bupati Sidoarjo Cup 2023
  • 2nd Place Dance team in Bupati Sidoarjo Cup 2023
  • 1st Place in Show Jumping 70CM U18s & Second Place in Show Jumping 60CM U14s in Surabaya Jumping Master 2023
  • 2nd Place in Pass Basketball Tournament 2023
  • 2nd Place in Chi League Basketball Competition 2023
  • 1st Place Lego Junior in Industrial Automation Robotic Competition x Robokidz Robot Olympiad 2023
  • 2nd & 3rd Place Ciputra Cup Basketball Competition 2023
  • 1st Runner Up in SUSS-PIAGET Impact Start Up Challenge 2023
  • 1st Place Sakamoto Mathematics Championship 2023


  • 3rd Place Jumping 90 CM U-21 and 6th Place 70 CM U18 Junior in “Kejuaraan Equestrian Piala Walikota Surabaya 2022”
  • 2nd Place in the Vita Cup Basketball Competition 2022
  • 3rd Runner Up in the E Visual Category in Online Challenge Arithmetic International Competition Malaysia 2022
  • highest score on the international DELF B2 Junior French exam in Indonesia
  • 2nd Place show jumping 70 cm U16 qualification round in The Jakarta Masters 2022


  • 1st Winner Shangrila’s Den Business Competition
  • Finishing 2nd in the “Eater-tainment” Food Innovation and Nutrition Award, Universitas Surabaya


  • Silver Medal at Sakamoto 16th World Math Competition, Yangon Myanmar
  • Winner Piaget Enterpreneur Bootcamp International Competition


Mr. William Yiu

Mr. William Yiu

Founder and Chairman of PIAGET Indonesia

Mr. Bill Toppin

Mr. Bill Toppin

Former Headmaster of Hutchin School, Australia

Prof. Roger Slee

Prof. Roger Slee

Former Deputy Director General of Education Queensland (Research Professor in Education, University of South Australia)

Dr. Lim Lai Cheng

Dr. Lim Lai Cheng

Former Principal of Raffles Institution, Singapore and co-founder of the Global Alliance of Leading Edge Schools for Sustainability

Mr. Oliver Yiu

Mr. Oliver Yiu

Board of Governor

School Leadership

Our school aims to get the best out of teachers and students through effective instructional leadership to increase teacher collaboration and sense of purpose which is beneficial for the learning process. By providing effective guidance, training, and working conditions for educators and staff, the school is able to create the best possible environment for learning to take place. These reviews cover a range of topics related to school improvement including assessment for learning; the inclusion of students with special educational needs; effective teaching practices; school self-evaluation; and successful school guidance.


SNA resumed face-to-face learning in October 2021 by conducting Hybrid Learning, a combination of online and offline student-teacher interaction to best fit each family and their needs.

Currently, the school is back to 100% face-to-face classes, the school continuously reviews the public health situation and government regulations as well as parent feedback to ensure our children are learning in a safe and healthy environment.

SNA works with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, and local health centres to develop and implement safety measures. Detailed guidance is provided to all members of the school community to manage operations in a safe and effective manner.

Staff and students who were eligible were required to be fully COVID-19 vaccinated before joining back to face-to-face learning.

School hours vary depending on the grade level of the student and any after school activities they may take part in. In general, school hours are as below:


  • Playgroup 1 : 08.00 – 10.30
  • Playgroup 2 : 08.00 – 11.00
  • Kindergarten 1 : 08.00 – 12.00
  • Kindergarten 2 : 08.00 – 12.00


  • Year 1 - Year 2 : 07.30 – 14.30
  • Year 3 - Year 6 : 07.30 – 15.00

The dismissal time may vary on some days, kindly refer to the students’ timetable

High School:

  • For Y7 - Y12 : 07.30 – 15.00

For High School classes, the dismissal time may go beyond 15.00, depending on the students’ subject combination & time table arrangement.

Playgroup 1 2 years old
Playgroup 2 3 years old
Kindergarten 1 4 years old
Kindergarten 2 5 years old
Primary 1 6 years old
Primary 2 - Year 12 Students must have completed the previous academic year

SNA uses the English language as its primary medium of instruction, with Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia as second and third languages respectively. SNA also offers French, German, and Hindi languages as optional foreign language subjects.

Our faculty comprises of multicultural diversity among staff members. Our staff and educators come from different countries such as Indonesia, UK, USA, Canada, China, Singapore, Philippines, India, Australia and South Africa.

There are enrolment tests for prospective students entering at Year 2 and above, the prospective test comprises of English, Math and Science. However, these are used to assist with placement, not to screen for enrolment.

If interested in joining our school program a booking is needed to be made with our Parent Relation Officer by clicking the trial button whereas trail classes can be arranged. The school will provide 2 days of FREE trial class specially tailored for your child. Please be informed that limited slots are available.

Most of our graduates continue their learning journey at top-universities abroad such as Singapore, USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and Australia. The Cambridge International Examination AS/A Level certificates received by Year 11 and 12 students is globally recognized. Our highschool guidance counselors provide personalised guidance to support our students in their university applications.

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To enroll in SNA, International Students must submit:

  1. Copy of child’s and both parents’ KITAS and passports

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